Types of Axial Flow Fans
Textile Humidification Fans
Textile Humidification Fans
The Textile Humidification Fans have been designed with special Aerofoils, which are sensitive to Reynold's Number and the design ensures operating the different elements of the blade at the optimum parameters. They are in the size range of 450 mm to 1600 mm diameter.

COMPOSITE Axial Flow Fans for textile humidification purpose.
Amalgamated is a pioneer in design & manufacturer of variety of high efficiency fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP hollow blades axial flow fans for industrial applications, having broad customer base over last fifteen years. The blades are designed to offer high aerodynamic efficiency and significant saving in energy coast.

The products of Amalgamated are marketed with the brand name of Composite.

Features of composite Axial flow fans for textile humidification plants

Design and development:
CAD methods have been employed in designing our FRP fans by the Scientists / Engineering Institutions. We have selected optimum Aerofoil Section Thickness in the region of 12 % to 15 % to achieve maximum drag coefficient. Due consideration has been given in the Aerofoil Selection. Twist is so designed that the blade sections are maintained at the most efficient angle of attack which is the angle having the highest lift - drag ratio.
Light and Strong :
Manufactured by specially developed process, the blades are hollow, consequently they are light yet strong and fatigue resistant. Strength to weight ratio of FRP being very high compared to conventional materials such as aluminum, steel and wood.
Dynamic Balancing:
The fans are dynamically balanced on Micro Processor Controlled hard bearing Dynamic Balancing Machine.
Quality Control:
Composite Blades are made under strict supervision of qualified and experienced personal. The raw materials being used by us conforms to accepted international Standards.

Advantages of using FRP blades for textile humidification fan.

Operating Economy:
Very high strength to weight ratio of FRP blades and their optimum Aerofoil section allows the fan to deliver the same air flow at lesser power and even at lower R. P. M. Our past test shows that upto 30 % savings in power consumption and hence very short pay - back period due to saving in operation cost by replacing your present fan blades by our specially designed blades
Low noise level:
As the blades are light in weight and also can give same air flow at low R. P. M. and with Improved Design the noise level is comparatively low.
Corrosion Resistance:
The blades are corrosion resistant in high contaminated conditions hence trouble free service over long period.