The main basis of long life and durability is not only the technology, which goes into the product but also the quality assureancesystem. Which is incorporated in the manufacture of the product. A detailed QAP has thus been established on the lines required under ISO 9000 system for the manufacture of these products. CNC equipment is used to machine all critical dimensions. Detailed inspection procedures and acceptance standards have been laid down for raw materials, intermediate process and the final testing. The welding process meets all the requirements of section IX of the boiler and pressure vessel code of ASME - II. All the welded joints undergo radiography tests. This ensures that all the joints are leak free and highest class of service over long period.


Fluid Metal Seal Fluid Metal Seal
Acetic Acid, Glacial AE MNP Methane ADES MV
Acetone ADES N Milk AE P
Ammonia, Gas, Cold ES MNP Naptha ABDES V
Boric Acid AE NPV Nitric Acid E VT
Butane ABDES MP Oil - Fuel ABDES M
Diesel fuel ABDES MV Oil - Hydraulic ABDES M
Ethers AES T Crude Petroleum DES M
Formic Acid AE T Refined Petroleum ABDES M
Hydrogen Gas ABDES P Resins & Rosin AE VT
L. P. G. ABDES MP Water - Distilled AE MNV

Metal Seal Material
A: Aluminum B: Bronze M: Buna N Standard T: Teflon
D: Ductile Iron E: Stainless Steel N: Nitrile