What is BMC? (Bulk Moulding Compound)

BMC Composition:
BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound) is pre-mixed fiber reinforced composite material that cures under heat and pressure. It primarily consists of a thermosetting resin, glass fiber reinforcement and filler. The polymer component- normally a thermosetting resins, such a unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester - forms a molecular super structure: Cross linked bonds between the chain molecules bring enhanced characteristics to the product, and are the reason for the superior performances of BMC, compared to other polymers.

The term, "BMC" encompasses a number of special types of compounds such as DMC (Dough Moulding Compound), TMC (Thick Moulding Compound, CIC (Continuous impregnated Compound) and SGM (Spritzguss- Material)

BMC can be customized to meet customers' specific performance requirements, such as fire retardency, electrical conductivity, high chemical resistance, low (or Zero), shrinkage, and surface finish. Mechanical strength is determined by the glass fiber content in the BMC, which can vary from 10 to 30 percent, with a fiber length of 6 to 12 mm. being a composite, BMC can best be described as an inorganic compound rather than an organic polymer.

Many types of BMC are as low as 18 to 25% organic content thus preserving natural resources. BMC is a non-hazardous material, which can be shipped, stored and handled under normal conditions.

BMC composites provide clear cost advantages, particularly in high - temperature/ load bearing applications. Consequently BMC can be found in all industries where high performance is critical, such as circuit breaker housings, household appliances, heat shields for electric irons, valve covers and headlamp reflectors.

TMC, CIC and SGM are recommended for heavy duty/ high mechanical strength applications and are often processed by injection - compression moulding. Low cost, a high degree of design flexibility, ease of processing and excellent lifetime properties are among the attributes that make bulk Moulding Compound the material of choice for industry in the 21st Century.