Loading arm system consists of rigid pipes connected together with swing joints to obtain better efficiency in loading and unloading of liquid both in terms of time and energy.

Transferring of liquids in to tank Trucks, Rails wagons, Barrels, and carboys from a fixed source of pipe to filling or unloading point that may park in any position.
Normally hoses are used for this purpose. However for transferring bulk quantity of fluid from fixed pipeline to the desired places hoses become less efficient and more awkward to be handled. Hence for better and higher efficiency and easy handling we require section of pipe Line suitable for high Pressure and flow. This section of pipeline is nothing but loading Arm or Articulated Piping System (APS) which can be easily handled by one person and moveable in all possible directions.


It is the most EFFICIENT and reliable way of fluid handling both in terms of TIME & MONEY.
It gives LONGER LIFE as compared to hoses.
This system provides more RELIABLE and RUGGED alternatives to the hose.
It's the environmental friendly system as there is NO SPILLAGE.
It's easy to MAINTAIN.
HANDLING is BETTER as compared to hose.
Available in VARIETY OF MATERIAL compatible with almost all kinds of liquids and gases.
It reduces the FILLING COST.
Increases the PRODUCTIVITY and decreases the LABOUR COST.
It is SAFER for hazardous liquids.