Loading Arm assembly, which offers the above advantages, consists of three basic components.
1. Pipes
2. Swing Joints.
3. Balancing unit.

1. Pipe: Pipe and tubing some times in conjunction with hoses of suitable sizes, length and material are used to handle the flow to reach the desired location. Refer chemical resistant chart for pipe material.

2. Swing Joints
: Swing Joints are used for flexibility in movements and leak free operational high pressure.
It consists of ball bearing built into the housing with high precision clearance and are lubricated with silicon base compound to protect and ensure longer life.Special type of 110" rings seals are used to ensure retention of the lubricants, exclusion of pollutants. The main seal consists of a lip seal depending upon the medium of transfer. This seal mates with a surface which is weld deposited with stainless steel and precision machined to give a smooth sealing surface and in some cases the ball bearing races are induction hardened.

3. Balancing Unit: To stabilize the loading arm at its parking loading or unloading positions the spring balance unit is used. The spring tension inside the balancing unit produces the lifting action required to counter balance the loading Arm. As the loading is lowered the spring inside the unit gets released, then automatically it shifts to its parking position due to the counter action of the spring. It makes sure that the loading arm is fully balanced in horizontal position, under balanced in down ward position while the loading process is carried out and over balanced in upward position i.e when the system is not in use.