1. Resistance to corrosion:-
Composite FRP Cable Trays are corrosion resistant to basic environment, salt water etc. these cable trays are also resistant to electrolytic corrosion due to contact of two metals in humid environment. This unique property contributes to reduce the life cycle costs of cable trays.

2. Mechanical Strength:-
Strength to weight ratio of FRP is very high compared to conventional materials.

3. Thermal and Electrical Insulation:-
Composite FRP cable trays are having excellent thermal insulation (1000 times less heat conductor than aluminum) and electrical insulation properties (~6kv/mm) hence no spark risks due to contact with other material.

4. Easy Installation:
The tray construction is such as to facilitate easy handling and to ensure easy laying of cables without causing damage to cables. A quick and reliable assembly reduces your time upto 50%. It is easy to work i.e. cut, drill on site no burring, no finishing and no risk of injury and no requirement of electrical continuity test.

5. Self Extinguishing:-
Composite FRP Cable Trays are with inbuilt fire retardant property in accordance with
ASTM E-84 and IS6746.

6. Resistant to Ultra Violet Light:-
An additive is mixed with the raw material, which enhances its property by making it resistant to Ultra Violet Light

Item no. Description
1 FRP Slide Runner
2 Holes for Bolts
3 Rung

Specification for Cable Trays

  Standard Products Alternative Options
Material Isopthalic Polyester Resin Vinylester Resin or as required
Length 3 m 1 - 5 m or as required
Width 150 - 1000 mm Size as required
Rung construction FRP Flats FRP Bolts
Rung spacing 300 mm 500 mm or As Required
Coupler Plates FRP with SS Bolts SS Coupler plates & Bolts
Radius of Bends 300 mm 600 mm
Colour Gray D. A. Grey, Blue
Angle Of Bends 90 degree 30 deg, 45 deg, 60 deg.

Fire Retardant
Electrical Insulation
Long Life
U.V. Resistant
Easy to Install
Corrosion Resistant
High Strength
Light Weight
UL 94 VD